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Your on-line Image - better than a mugshot?

The first impression you make can often determine important outcomes in life. Going for a job interview, posting on social media, creating your LinkedIn profile are some of those occasions. You might also be featured as an executive or a team member on a business website. It's at these times that you have the opportunity to craft the public image of yourself that you are comfortable exposing to the world.

As the saying goes: You only get one chance to make that first impression!

Your photo is an integral part of your profile along with your employment history and other credentials that distinctively define you. Who doesn’t want to create the perception that they are a strong prospective employee, a reliable business partner or a solid networking connection? A photograph humanises your profile and makes you appear more approachable. Uploading a quality photo for your on-line presence helps you make your best first impression and it will be more memorable for the people who view your profile.

Here are a few tips that you may find helpful in guiding your photo selection. Headshot: many sites such as LinkedIn use small thumbnails for the profile photos. Your image need only be of your head to the top of your shoulders. If you include your entire body then your head will appear too small, and make you look inconsequential. Dress: make sure that your photo looks professional and shows you dressed in a manner appropriate for your field. Look Real: do not use a photo taken years ago. People may be shocked when they meet you if you are significantly changed or older than your online photos!

Here is some further great advice - The Worst Mistakes in Choosing Your Profile Picture (Courtesy of Vico Biscotti - inside Blogging)

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